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Whether looking for a primary care doctor, a therapist or a specialist, everyone deserves a healthcare provider who they can be open and honest with—free from fear of stigma or bias. 

The LGBTQ+ Healthcare Directory is a free, searchable database of all kinds of doctors, medical professionals and healthcare providers knowledgeable and sensitive to the unique health needs of LGBTQ+ people in the USA and Canada.

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We are seeking healthcare providers of every discipline and specialty to join us for a more equitable and safe healthcare experience for LGBTQ+ patients. Whether you are a psychologist, massage therapist, primary care doctor or specialist, we need you. Together we are building the largest database of LGBTQ+ friendly healthcare providers in the United States and Canada.

Affirming and culturally competent healthcare providers are the solution to inequality in LGBTQ+ healthcare.
You may already know about the unique health needs of the LGBTQ+ community or you want to make your practice more welcoming and inclusive. You may identify as LGBTQ+ yourself or have experience with LGBTQ+ patients. You believe that everyone has a right to a safe, healthy life. Join us so that LGBTQ+ patients can find healthcare providers like you.

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