Top Healthcare Facilities for LGBTQ+ Inclusion

In addition to finding LGBTQ+ friendly healthcare providers, it is important to know which healthcare facilities near you are LGBTQ+ inclusive. Since 2007, the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s Healthcare Equality Index (HEI) has set the standard for LGBTQ+ inclusion in healthcare facilities.

The HEI has four core objectives which are reflected in its criteria:

1. Ensure foundational protection for patients, visitors, and staff in patient and staff policies and provide cultural competency training on LGBTQ+ inclusion
2. Demonstrate progress toward inclusion on LGBTQ+ patient care and support
3. Cultivate an inclusive workforce by providing LGBTQ+ inclusive employee support and benefits
4. Demonstrate public commitment to the LGBTQ+ community

Healthcare facilities that participate in the HEI are scored on over 60 policies and practices related to these objectives. Facilities that receive the top score of 100 points are designated as “LGBTQ+ Healthcare Equality Leaders”.

Use the HEI search tool to find out how healthcare facilities near you measure up on LGBTQ+ inclusion.